!Pugs, la gente y el propósito en la vida va internacional!

(Pugs, People, and Purpose in Life goes international!)

Alejandra Mendieta, ready for a round of golf.

Pug lovers can be found just about anywhere you look in the world, possibly even the Antarctic, for all I know. I belong to several Facebook groups with pug-loving members all over the planet. So, it seemed logical to make an occasional international post.

One of my first foreign pug friends was Alejandra Mendieta, from Mexico. I asked her if she would be the subject of my first world-wide blog post, and she jumped at the offer. Like the business professional she is, she wrote a detailed essay on her and her dogs.

Alejandra and her daughter Sabrina

Alejandra was born and raised in Mexico City, and except for a brief period spent at school in New York, she’s lived there all her life. She has family all over the world, including Boston, where her father lives. Not surprisingly, she’s a New England Patriots fan as a result. Alejandra is the personal assistant for the CEO of a large, international maritime company.

She says, “I have an 18 year old daughter who is my pride and joy. We have the most amazing relationship! I love my job. I also like watching football, golfing (which I am very bad at) and knitting. But what I enjoy the most is spending time with my family, friends and dogs.”

Alejandra has two dogs—Pepper, a Boston terrier, and Elvis, a black pug.

“Having dogs has changed my life. Pepper came into my life after a bad breakup. I was going through a very hard time and out of nowhere an uncle said his Boston terrier had given birth to a beautiful litter and offered to give me a puppy. I have to be honest, it wasn’t in my plans to have a dog, but something made me go to his house and pick my baby. She was tiny! I knew she would be a nice surprise for my daughter who is crazy about dogs.”

Alejandra has experienced what all true dog lovers have:

Elvis and Pepper

“Pepper has been the most loyal, loving, fun companion I could possibly ask for. I really think she actually picked me. She made me believe in unconditional love again. She helped me heal from that breakup in the most unexpected way. I still get a lump in my throat thinking about it. She knows my moods, and she senses whenever I am sad. She jumps on my lap, licks my face and wags her tiny tail. Then she lies next to me and just keeps me company. I know she turned me into a crazy dog lady because now I just wish I had a bigger home where I could have more dogs!”

Soon, Alejandra decided that Pepper might like a canine companion, so she started looking for another Boston. Instead, she came across and ad for a black pug puppy. One look at his picture and she fell in love.

“He looked like a baby seal! I contacted the owner. He didn’t live in Mexico City but he actually offered to get on a bus and bring me the dog all the way here.”

And then…

Like all pugs, Elvis thinks he’s a great driver.

“Oh my goodness!” Alejandra says. “Nobody warned me I would now have someone follow me everywhere like a shadow. And I do mean everywhere! Elvis sits at the bathroom door and cries while I am taking a shower! He is so funny. Just looking at his face makes me smile.”

Alejandra found out what all pug lovers know:

“Elvis’ personality is so unique. He is terrible and naughty but has a face like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He runs around with those ears flapping and the curly tail wagging and I just melt. He climbs like a goat, which is rather surprising because his legs are really short! He is a bundle of love and joy!”

Pepper wasn’t as thrilled as Alejandra hoped she would be. She was jealous at first, but pugs have a way of winning over even the most stubborn individual. Alejandra says they’re inseparable now.

“Pepper is the well behaved one, with good manners, and Elvis is a crazy funny clown, running around. They both sleep on my bed, and even though they are small, they take most of my bed.”

And, of course, there’s this:

“Elvis snores like a truck, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

She finished up her homework with these beautiful thoughts:

“I know God loves me so much, that he led me to my dogs. I have learned a lot from them and consider them part of my family. Pepper and Elvis have made me know a different kind of love. They bring out the best in me and I know I have to live up to their unlimited love. Like Roger Caras said, ‘Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.’”

!Gracias, mi amiga!

Happy Tails,



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