No Pug Left Behind

SPOILER ALERT—Reveals the end of Jem: Lessons in Living

In June 2013, I was still reeling from the sudden loss of my beloved pug Jem when I got a call from Leslie Matthews. Leslie was a veterinary technician at my vet’s office, but she was also a volunteer foster parent for DFW Pug Rescue Club of Texas. She knew about Jem and thought that I might be ready to adopt another pug. I doubted it. But, I agreed to meet a pug that she was fostering.

The next Saturday, Leslie and her husband Lyle introduced me to Farah, and it was love at first sight. I adopted Farah the next day. Since then, I’ve become an active volunteer for the organization. I have been a foster parent, transported pugs, visited the homes of prospective fosters anddfwpug adopters, and pitched in wherever I can be of help.

DFW Pug Rescue of Texas is the largest pug rescue organization in the United States. Since 1997, it has rescued and placed for adoption more than 7,000 pugs. Staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers, DFWPRC rescues all pugs regardless of age or medical condition. Veterinary care is the club’s biggest expense, averaging approximately $250,000 per year. More than 90% of all funds donated to DFW Pug Rescue are used to pay for veterinary care.

In my experience, there is no more grateful creature than a rescued animal. Being actively involved with DFW Pug Rescue has transformed my life. You can help, too. Adopt a pug, be a foster, or just contribute. Click on “How You Can Help Pugs” for a link to DFWPRC.

If you belong to another pug rescue organization—or any other pet rescue group—I would be happy to add a link to your group on my website. Click on “Connect” to get in touch with me.

Happy Tails!


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