K9 Mill Rescue is SERIOUS about saving dogs…

Just a couple of days before July 4, 2016, a group of 32 pugs were rescued from a puppy mill. These dogs had spent their entire lives in crates, doing little more than producing other pugs. Their living conditions can only be described as squalid. Almost all of them were infested with fleas; suffering from skin diseases and malnourishment; several had serious eye injuries, a condition common among pugs whose medical needs are ignored.


Left to right: Jen Umbright, Debra Hutcherson, and Joann Meriwether

These fortunate creatures were saved from further suffering by three remarkable ladies.

Jen Umbright, Debra Hutcherson, and Joann Meriwether are “K9 Mill Rescue.” The organization was founded with the sole purpose of saving puppy mill dogs from a life of neglect. Since its inception, K9 Mill Rescue has placed hundreds of dogs in foster care and adoptive homes.

After the “Independence Day” pugs were taken into the care of K9 Mill Rescue, they were bathed, triaged to assess their medical needs, and for the first time in their lives received the love and affection of human beings.

From there, the dogs were delivered to vet clinics, and DFW Pug Rescue Club of Texas took over the task of placing them in homes. As of today, many have been already been adopted, and the rest are in foster homes.K9-Mill-Rescue

And all because the ladies of K9 Mill Rescue have dedicated their lives to rescuing dogs in need.

If you’d like to know more about K9 Mill Rescue and contribute toward its efforts, click on the logo visit their website.

You’ll be glad you did.

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