How to Build a Rescue Grumble – I

Chapter 1 – A Home for Farah

In March of 2013 our only family pet was Wendy—an elderly, adorable Chiweenie whom we adopted several years earlier. Knowing my love of pugs, a volunteer for DFW Pug Rescue Club of Texas, Leslie Matthews, called me. She said she was fostering a pug that she was sure I’d fall in love with. We arranged a meeting time at my house the following Saturday. Leslie arrived in company with her husband Durrell, who was holding a worried looking pug in his arms.

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For me, it was love at first sight. For Farah, it probably seemed like another change of venue in the life of an unwanted dog. I would have kept her right then, but procedure had to be observed. I filled out an application, paid the fee, and the following day Farah came to live with us for good.

Farah clearly had trust issues; she wasn’t fond of being picked up and held, and the worried look never completely left her face. We found out that among her challenges was the fact that she had only three teeth, all in her upper jaw. Being unable to chew properly, she bolted her food and a simple dog biscuit took several minutes to deal with. Still, she seemed relieved, if not exactly ecstatic, to finally be in a stable home situation. She and Wendy became good friends, until a few months later when our old Chiweenie crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Farah is my first rescue pug, and as such will always have a special place in my heart. In truth, it was Farah who rescued me!

Coming up: Chapter 2, featuring the boisterous, fun-loving Mitzee.

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